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"All About BABS"

I would like to personally welcome everyone to my world. When I first met her she was known as the Town slut, a girl who would "Put Out" She was pulling trains for the local boyz of the town or She was sneaking out and meeting married men men in their cars, at parks, or where ever she could, just to get free Alcohol and of course satisfy her wanton lust! When we married, I knew that she could never be happy with just one man, and at first, I didn't accept it. So, after years of pretending to be the faithful wife, I found out she had been cheating behind my back from Day One! From the stories I have been told, she has been having the time of her life! My wife has had numerous affairs with my friends, co-workers, and even strangers who have picked her up when she was "Out with the Girls". One day I sat her down and asked her if the rumors were true. She just laughed at me and said, "well, you might as well know. YES!" She told me everything. Then she noticed that I had an erection as she filled me in. That was my biggest mistake, because she realized from that day forward she could have her Cake and eat it Too!
Now that I am a part of her life I find that she is attracted to very aggressive men who know what they want and take it! She has a huge sexual appetite for sex and kink! She really gets into, BIG COCK men. But honestly she will fuck anyone. She has been with so many men over the past years I have lost track. If she's not picking up men at bars or Adult Theaters, then She will perform at Bachelor parties or Gang Bang Parties. Anything to cool her cravings. From what I have witnessed, she will drop to her knees and spread her legs for anyone, Black or White! She now has me drive her to meet with some of her very special, generous friends to play with. But Always, After a date with another man, I am there on my knees willing to soothe and lap clean her sore, sloppy, gaping, hot holes!!! She has trained me to love the taste of other mens cum by telling me "this is the only way you will get to have me"! She also says that my puny excuse for a cock wont satisfied her any more.
I have finally accepted what I married,...
A Slut Who Will Do It All For Anybody But Me !!!
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